About Us

Connecting Home Ltd was registered with ASIC as a Charitable, Not For Profit, Company Limited by Guarantee on the 17th March 2010. We are an independent agency established to replace and build upon the work of Stolen Generations Victoria Ltd. Connecting Home operates across South Eastern Australia and is primarily funded by the Victorian Government to progress the recommendations of the 2003 Victorian Stolen Generations Taskforce, the Bringing Them Home and the Closing the Gap Reports and initiatives.

As such Connecting Home is unique, being the only stand-alone service, which is not part of or auspiced by any other agency, and is funded to support people who identify as being effected by the Stolen Generations including their family members. This governance arrangement was a key recommendation of the Victorian Taskforce.

We provide a number of programs such as Case Management, Healing and Community Engagement, utilizing person-centred practice. We offer both individual as well as facilitated group activities. An important role of Connecting Home is sector development through working closely with the existing service system of the Bringing Them Home and Link-Up programs. We believe our role is to augment this through identifying the gaps and ensuring that we develop an appropriate response, both from the Indigenous and Mainstream community service systems. Our primary concern is to ensure that people receive the support they require, from the most appropriate agency, without assuming where that may come from.

Connecting Home has also developed a successful Education program, that is designed to influence school curriculum development, as well as educating both Indigenous and Mainstream community agencies and government bodies. We also have an important role in informing government debate and policy development, about the ongoing issues and needs of the stolen generations and their family members.